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7pm, Friday 4 July 2014
Chapel by the Sea, 95 Roscoe St Bondi
By heartfelt donations

THINK vibrant, original music; dance routines; stories of transformation; exciting audio-visual effects; and music videos, what do you get? Watoto Children's Choir. 

They have been wowing audiences all over the world from 

Beautiful Africa: a new generation, all produced to celebrate the beauty of Africa and the transformational power of the love of Jesus. This dynamic production is indicative of the new generation of leaders emerging out of the Watoto program. The Watoto children are a blessing to all who hear the amazing stories they share through song, dance and drama. 

Please take moment to enjoy the trailer for Beautiful Africa.
<![CDATA[May - CINTAart Collection]]>Sat, 31 May 2014 05:49:43 GMThttp://chapelbytheseabondi.weebly.com/chapel-events/may-cintaart-collectionPicture
6pm, Friday 30 May 2014
Chapel by the Sea, 95 Roscoe St Bondi
$20 includes dinner with music from Incognito, Jamiroquai and Ronnie Jordan.

Cynthia's vibrant acrylic paintings are inspired by her environment, religious and spiritual sources. 

Cynthia's ambition is to write her own book and to record an album that will be sold with it, so that people can immerse themselves totally while reading, listening to her music and pondering her art. 

6pm: worship (mass)
7pm: Open mic commentary on art, while dinner is served. 

Meet the wonderful Cynthia at her art opening.

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<![CDATA[MAY - Cafe Church: Byron Smith]]>Mon, 26 May 2014 02:44:42 GMThttp://chapelbytheseabondi.weebly.com/chapel-events/may-cafe-church-byron-smithbyron smith, cafe church, talks bondi, ecofaith

7pm, Sunday 25 May 2014
Chapel by the Sea, 95 Roscoe St Bondi

Byron Smith completed his PhD in Christian Ethics at the University of Edinburgh. He will talk to us about overcoming fears of climate change. 
Awakening to the climate predicament for many people involves a range of uncomfortable emotional experiences: sorrow, anger, guilt, anxiety and 

helplessness. These responses are entirely understandable and indeed healthy. Yet in order to manage these emotions, many of us engage in coping strategies that are counterproductive from the perspective of taking genuine responsibility for our climate crisis, such as denial, distraction, disavowal, desperation or despair. Byron will discuss how can we find in the Christian gospel resources for responding well to these powerful emotions and move from paralysis to caring, creative, committed action.

Check out some of Byron's articles on the Centre for Public Christianity

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<![CDATA[MAY - Cafe Church: Interfaith Celebration]]>Mon, 12 May 2014 02:36:11 GMThttp://chapelbytheseabondi.weebly.com/chapel-events/may-cafe-church-interfaith-celebrationPicture
7pm, Sunday 11 May 2014
Chapel by the Sea, 95 Roscoe St Bondi

Infuse your soul with the sound of sacred music, prayer and song. Share our humanity in an atmosphere of the holy, mixed with that of the everyday.

Our Interfaith Celebration symbolises and actualises the Chapel's aspiration toward spiritual unity. It will feature music, poetry and prayer led by people of a variety of different faiths. We welcome people of all faiths and spiritual traditions and those of no faith to join this rich and harmonious experience, giving you a taste of the beauty of world cultures and religions.

Artists on the night include:

  • Ben Zion Weiss is an experienced teacher and community educator in drama, ESOL, yoga, cross-cultural conflict, anti-racism, non-violence training, cultural ecology and meditation. Ben a practising Sufi will recite the poetry of Rumi at our interfaith.

  • Chris Busck storyteller, looks at everyday incidents that evoke feelings of deep reflection. Chris's stories will draw on his experience of being on a spiritual path on his life journey.

  • Graham Jacobs is one of Sydney's most experienced violinists and is also one of Sydney's most colourful characters. His violin playing will charm you on the  evening as he accompanies Louise and Freya.

  • Louise Charman-James & Freya Lindblom - will sing Irish hymns and the Gayatri Mantra (an ancient Sanskrit mantra). Louise is a writer, teacher and sound healer and Freya is a music therapist.

  • Dr Kim Cunio - immerses himself for years in the tradition of music he intends to compose. His commitment to preserving and interpreting the sacred music of the world's traditions has seen him train as an Interfaith Minister .Kim plays large number of ancient instruments specially reconstructed .

  • Mary Jean Leahy - trained in classical guitar and music composition at a post graduate level.Her biomedical science background serves as a foundation for her knowledge of the benefits of music in childhood development and growth from intellectual disabilities using music.She will play cello on the evening while the Tibetan prayer is being read.

  • Prabhu Osoniqs - Prabhu is an energy musician and a sonic igniter. Inspired by nature and the mysteries of life, Prabhu’s music is vibrant, colourful and spirited, and yet at the same time  it is calming, centering, hypnotic and soul touching.

  • Dayashakti Geeti Rogers - first experienced devotional Indian chanting in 1984 but it has been over the past few years that she has immersed herself more deeply in the practice of Kirtan as part of her spiritual practice of Bhakti Yoga. She also practices and teaches Japanese movement & meditation.

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